Sailing on Moreton Bay

This is a random selection of sailing craft on Moreton Bay (Brisbane, Australia), taken from Trekka when we have been out sailing. I am only interested in sail, and then only if they look good under sail. These photos are reduced in quality (pixel count), but I have higher quality originals. If you should find your boat here, and want a copy (I know how hard it is to get a photo of ones own boat under sail) you can e-mail me at:

But in exchange, I would like a similar photo of a boat under sail (preferably mine "Trekka" - a cutter rigged Roberts, white with blue trim. But any nice-looking boat under sail will do).


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Taken 13th December 2009

Sail Number 28

Rumba Sail Number 3001

TEZ05Q Micron Sail Number 4861

Home Sail Number Y2K

LF203Q Simplicity display craft Sail Number 435

(Southern Cross) (Eureka flag) Sail Number 199

War Canoe Sail Number 354

Taken 10th January 2010

Hughie Sail Number 83

Trimaran Sail Number 20

Sail Number 5432

Aquacasa Sail Number 3598

Taken 24th January 2010


Chica Pica Sail Number 6752

Back Flip R650 Bg


Sun Odyssey

R830 Sail Number 221

Need for Speed E7 Sail Number F727

N25 NX822 Sail Number 221

Meander Sail Number R1680

Home Sail Number Y2K

Sail Number 28

Just Because

Dilligara Sail Number 10169

Divine Wind Sail Number 64

Masmerised Sail Number 131


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